PEVEKO s.r.o. is a reputable Czech company that produces regulatory and measuring technology and supplies parts according to our customers technical drawings. Our company is ISO 9001 certified.

Company timeline

2023 Reducing the energy intensity of production with the use of renewable resources
2022 New valves for firefighting technology have been launched
2020 Start of production of the Smart Valve with WiFi control
2019 Expanding the production of soldering in protected environments
2018 NA new assembly line for cooling valves
2017 Our selection of valves expands to include water regulating valves for washing machines and dishwashers
2015 New technology for copper, brass and steel capillary solder fittings purchased
2014 Copper programme – expanded product portfolio
2012 Start producing a new type of valves for cooling technology
2011 Start producing special parts for Parker Group
2009 Start licensed production of REFCO valves for cooling technology
2008 Start producing highly accurate components for the nuclear industry
2003 Company expands to include a plant in Sternberk
2002 Start producing components for cooling technology
2001 ISO 9001 certified
1994 Start supplying parts for Honeywell
1991 The company is founded and starts producing solenoid valves

Production plants

Headquarters and production plant

Phone: +420 572 432 465

Production plant

Phone: +420 585 000 128


We guarantee the quality of our products and comprehensive quality control service systems on all levels throughout the implementation of an order. All activities are carried out in accordance with our customers requirements and ISO 9001 standards.

Principles of quality control

We are aware of just how important quality is and therefore adhere to the following policies:

  • all our employees are actively involved in the quality control
  • all members of staff are responsible and are trained regularly
  • independent organisations help check our systems and perform customer audits
  • our quality control systems comply with the ISO 9001 standards
  • we regularly conduct internal audits
  • we have modern test equipment

We have established long-term cooperation with international concerns such as Honeywell, Parker, Danfoss, Turbocore and others.



We believe in the principles of sustainable development and commit to the following environmental policy points:

  • we fulfil all legal requirements related to environmental protection, work safety and fire safety
  • we avoid pollution and enforce preventive steps to protect the environment
  • we continually reduce our impact on the environment and improve the work environment at our company
  • our products are developed with regard to minimizing our impact on the environment during both the production phase and the final use of the product
  • environmental aspects are considered when choosing suppliers.


The products and parts we produce are mainly used within the following areas: heating (water, heating, gas); cooling, freezing and air conditioning; energy and nuclear energy; automation; mechanical engineering; the mining industry; the chemical industry; the food industry; and the automotive industry.


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